As 2020 dragged on and on more people turned to houseplants as a source of joy. People are not as good at taking care of their plants as they would like to be which is where the concept for Plant Baby came from.

Designed to be simple and approachable, this app would help users keep track of what plants they had, their care requirements, and reminders to water (and fertilize) their Plant Babies.

Design assumption: The user has more plants than they can easily care for.

Initial sketches focused on approaches to help organize the plants. This created a system where the plants were organized by location (room), type (vine, succulent, etc.), and alphabetical order.

As wireframes were created the complexity of the initial sketches was minimized. At the same time ways to help the user and add value to the app were explored. These included simple things like location suggestions (based on user input), safety alerts (dangers posed to pets), and options to purchase plants shown in the directory.

The final design embraced the organization dictated by the wireframes and coupled it with calm greens and pleasing images.