I am an avid creative, when I’m not designing a campaign or developing digital illustrations I tend to have a pen or brush in my hand. Here you can see some of that work. Sometimes the pieces I create are ink only, sometimes I watercolor them, and other times I take them into Photoshop to digitally color them. Here you can see examples of all of these instances.

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Watercolor painting of a forest sunset.

Rabbit silhouette shooting star ink drawing.


Ink drawing of a desert landscape.


Digitally colored version of original desert drawing.


Watercolor painting of a desert landscape.


Ink study of potted cacti.


Pen and ink drawing of John Ford’s Point.


Digitally colored and slightly altered version of original ink drawing of John Ford’s Point.


Ha Long Bay in ink and watercolor.


Ink study of Ha Long Bay.


Pen and ink study of a Hanoi street corner.


Watercolor galaxy painting.


Ink portrait of a Jack Rabbit.

Ink drawing of a finch


Ink drawing of a waffle cone.

Desert road ink drawing

Nude sketch in ink


Ink study of a Mum.


An nightscape ink drawing using large amounts of negative space.


Mountain nightscape in ink.

Ink plateau study

Ink plateau study 2


Digital doodle of a Raven.


A terraced rice field ink drawing.


Watercolored version of terraced rice field drawing.

Inktober 2019

While I did manage to create a drawing for nearly every day of Inktober not all of the drawings are ones I’d want to share here. So instead I am only highlighting my favorites.

Frail, day 8


Swing, day 9


Pattern, day 10


Snow, Day 11


Wild, day 16


Ornament, day 17


Tread, day 20


Treasure, day 21


Tasty, day 25


Tasty, day 25