Sometimes the design isn’t quite there yet. Other times the idea is just spur of the moment and I had to get it down before it popped out of my head. Sometimes the concept just isn’t what the client is after. Regardless it’s all interesting and should be shared which is why they are here for you to see.

Speaker Event flyer

Melissa Marshall provides training sessions and coaching to scientists on how to present their science to the layperson. It’s harder than it sounds. Two flyer concepts were created for Melissa, one direct with large iconography and one using an ornamental line pattern to help break up areas of white space.

Tour flyer

Outback Opal Tours, a tour company in New South Wales, provides half and full day tours of abandoned mining operations in the Lightning Ridge area. The tour company wanted an updated flyer that promoted not only their services but the potential for participants to find their own opals while on the trip. Two versions of the flyer were developed, one tied directly to the logo colors and one centered around the rainbow-like colors of opals.

West Coast Style IPA

A brewery based out of Louisiana was looking for a design for their newest beer, a West Coast Style IPA.

Moving Company mailer

Reliable Moving was in need of a new mailer to send to potential clients. This mailer was meant to promote both their services as well as their limited time promotional offer. The layouts provided kept the color scheme consistent with their logo while using large images that reflected their service.

Red Right Hand Imperial Red Ale

Grand Ridge Brewery in Victoria, AU, created a limited release beer for 2019. The name reflected the color of the brew and the client wanted this to follow through into the label design. One concept used a “ronin demon” style hand  for the artwork, the other took a darker “king and prince” style approach based on inspiration points the client provided. 

Drone brochure

LiDARUSA developed a new drone with a series of available packages for commercial use which they wanted to provide to potential customers both online and in person. Using the clients materials a single page per package (for on-line presentation) concept and a bi-fold brochure (for print applications) were created.

Podcast Event Advertisements

PodernLove was the evolution of the podcast and community know as Podcasts We Listen To. In 2018 PodernLove planned to host it’s first convention in New Orleans and needed marketing collateral along with a a logo for the event.

Divorce mediation pamphlet

Divorce is never easy but it doesn’t have to be messy. Kim Mediation helps couples work through their divorce in the most amicable way possible. Knowing this a set of promotional materials, a postcard sized piece and one bifold pamphlet, were created to help new and potential clients understand what options they have as well as what services are available from the firm.