Sometimes the design isn’t quite there yet. Other times the idea is just spur of the moment and I had to get it down before it popped out of my head. Sometimes the concept just isn’t what the client is after. Regardless it’s all interesting and should be shared which is why they are here for you to see.

Cannabis Confections

These concept logos were created for a high end cannabis candy company that wanted to appeal to adults. A clean mature text and color palette were used in these designs to guide the logo in that direction.

Living Savior church logo

Living Savior, a church based in Colorado, was in search of a logo to use when branding their organization. These concepts coupled the mountains of Colorado with the Cross in rectangular formats both vertically and horizontally for different applications of the logo. 

Landscape Supply

A Florida based landscape supply company was in search of an updated logo. A strong shape, anchored in colors related to the business, was used to help create an easily identifiable brand image.

Ice Pop Shop

The parent ice pop company, previously mobile only, was about to open it’s first brick and mortar location and wanted a themed logo to match their existing brand. Vibrant colors and flavors played a major role in the creation of this icon set.

Podcasting Guide

An insider tips and trick guide, this project aimed to help fledgling podcasts learn quickly how to build their audience and monetize their shows. Imagery associated with the field was used to help the viewer quickly recognize the companies field of service.

On-Demand appliance repair

Aiming to help people who have broken appliances, this business’ goal was to provide on-demand repairs for customers with certain types of devices. Leveraging the shape of a crescent wrench a set of clean and versatile logo concepts were created for their review.

FeeEzy infographic

FeeEzy, an online invoice funding and payments platform for accounting firms, was looking for an infographic to help customers understand the simplicity of their process. Using colors taken from their website and logo a five panel infographic was developed to explain the transaction process.