Mentorship Program
The age demographic at Tektronix was skewed for many years, as the company works to change that and incorporate younger employees the need for a program to help these young professionals reach their potential and goals had to be created from whole cloth.

Working with the Human Resources team I began diving into the simple, and eventually the more complex, parts of their program. In doing so ways to present the information that would be appealing to both audiences, the new and long term employees, began to form and take shape. In the end not only print and web graphics were made but promotional descriptive handouts would be created.

Campus Map
At the same time as the mentorship program was being made we also heard from newer employees about a very large pain point, the ability to navigate the campus. Spanning over 100 acres with over a dozen buildings getting from one place to another can be hard if you don’t know your way around. To help relieve this issue a simplified map of the campus, with the most important places called out, was created and is now provided not only to new hires but guests and visitors.