Home Lighting packages

Manufacturing multiple styles of lighting fixtures required that each package retain similar design elements based on the client style guide. Integrating provided artwork with product details and required copy, each package presents the needed information in a clear manner while maintaining the consistent elements requested by the client. 

Current Probe packaging

Part of a larger series of products, the A621 and A622 Current Probes required packaging that reflected both the larger series and the brand. At the same time unique capabilities and regulatory information had to be present regardless of which probe was in the package.

Chocolate packaging, concept

Moonstruck Chocolate produces a unique pyramid shaped chocolate. This unique chocolate is presented to customers in the traditional rectangular packaging which feels like a missed opportunity. Because of this I created a concept package that reflected the shape of the confection for both the individuals and the set as a whole.

Individualized lightbulb package, concept

After looking at the homogenous packaging used for lightbulbs I got bored with them. So I decided to come up with a new environmentally friendly package that still protected the product. The total materials used is reduced with a tube shaped package, internal shock absorbing tabs were also incorporated to hold the product in place. 

Watch packaging, concept

Based on a campaign run by Diesel Watches the concept of “working to get your watch” came to mind. That concept evolved into a package design that used clear materials to allow consumers to see the product but a structure that required they solve the puzzle to get to it.