Reading the directions, especially when they are 50+ pages long, is a total bummer. Having something that lets you get things up and running quickly can be worth it’s weight in gold if it’s done correctly.

Multi-Scope Star Configuration Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Quick Start Guide

The DPO70000SX series oscilloscopes are scalable, meaning a customer can connect up to four separate units at one time to achieve peak performance. The order in which the individual units are connected is very specific and not what engineers are traditionally used to. Explaining the proper connection set-up quickly and efficiently was crucial to the success of the product at it’s market debut.

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PCIE3 Demo Kit Quick Start Guide

The RX demo kit is a tool that was developed to help sales people demonstrate different test scenarios to their customers quickly and easily. The set-up of these tests can be extremely complex. The development of a visual system that combined simplified illustrations and photographs provided the means to convey the information needed to complete each unique set-up.

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TekFlex Accessory Kit

Using a unique plug and adapter system the TekFlex circuit probe allows for quick and easy transitioning from one style of browsing to another. Understanding what the features of the browser and the available options are critical for the end user. Browser kits are typically shared between many different technicians, this is why the contents and instruction sheet is adhered to the inside face of the box so that all users are able to review it when they use the product.

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