When the CHEC application was originally developed it only handled one type of vehicle architecture. This limited scope meant that the landing page only needed to provide uses with a small amount of information. As the application grew to incorporate multiple vehicle architectures logic languages their content was tacked onto the landing page. This met the basic functional requirements but there was room for improvement.

The application landing page was updated to incorporate a series of visual components that deliver more information to the user, allowing them to customize the page, and access important helpful information when they need it.

Previous design

Updated design (at minimum width)

Updated design (at maximum width)

Each of the last 12 vehicles the user has accessed with the CHEC tool are shown in descending chronological order. The serial number, model type, and an illustration of that model are displayed on selectable cards.

A customized table houses all three types of logic. Users are able to change between the tabs as well as reorder them.

The user can access help documentation and videos from the carousel and text links. The carousel is updated each release to increase the visibility of new functionality and features that have been added to the tool.