Desktop Icons

One of the key features of Tektronix is the measurement software it creates and makes available to customers both in it’s products as well as in standalone applications. This means that when they are in a PC environment they need to have a unified look from one to another on the customers desktop while also being descriptive of their individual functions.

Splash Screens

The same need for similarity is also present on the individual splash screens. A paradigm shift took place in 2016, splash screens prior to that featured photographs on natural scenes with a feature or focus of that particular product integrated into the image. Post 2016 a more abstract and graphic approach was adopted that still reflected the feature and/or focus of the product but leveraged a more contemporary and cleaner approach.


Contemporary Splash Screens

Legacy Splash Screens

Application icons

The highly accurate test and measurement applications developed by Tektronix are capable of literally thousands of very specific functions in multiple spectrums. This specificity required that unique icons be developed for each scientific function to represent it accurately both visually and technically. With the release of the new flagship oscilloscope and its modern UI new icons had to be created, legacy icons also needed to be reimagined to match the new look and feel.

Shown here is a small sample of the hundreds of icons created during this project.