Great Place to Work

With a focus on bringing new employees to the company, Tektronix renewed its focus to identify what made them happiest. During that campaign the data indicated that the corporations rating could use some help.This flyer was part of the beginning of that campaign, it’s goal was to encourage people to share their stories on Glassdoor.


As part of the larger Great Place to Work campaign an Octoberfest themed event, called Tektroberfest in a tongue-in-cheek move, was held. This poster promoting the event was created to help increase awareness of the upcoming event.

Masters Promotional Mailer

To help increase excitement about the Masters event and motivate the sales force a series of mailers were created in advance of qualifying for the 2017 event. These mailers showed scenes and vistas from the hotel selected for that years event.

Masters Post Event booklet

Tektronix celebrates the success of the top 10% of their sales force each year with a company sponsored trip to Hawaii. The event recognizes these Tektronix Masters for their outstanding achievements for the company. The style and elegance of the event had to be reflected in the layout and design of this book created to record their accomplishments.

Production goal posters

A focus was placed on improving production in order to increase product success scores. Awareness posters were created to help team members understand the areas of focus.