If it’s done right you don’t see all of the effort that went into creating a product. Somewhere there is a designer that will never be recognized for their hard work to ensure that the thing you are using looks and feels right. That is the thankless, and pretty awesome, job of product design and labeling.

70,000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

The DPO70k series have the unique ability to network up to four instruments though only if the user does so correctly. The challenge was to create a label panel that was simple but understandable otherwise the product would not work as intended.

Tabasco rear-cabled Tabasco rear label Tabasco front

Disaggregated  Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

Breaking from the traditional model of putting a screen and the interface into the “box” the RSA306 strove for a compact size that was usable by technicians in the field. A waterproof design along with the rubberized boot made the RSA306 an instant industry hit.

Curveball topCurveball Front Curveball Rear