CASEPS training decks

CASEPS, the Council for At Risk Student Education and Professional Standards, is a nationwide organization that helps educators to meet the needs of nontraditional, cultural minority, and/or at-risk students. After years of expanding and updating their training and certification content the organization realized that it was no longer cohesive. Working with their branding, as well as content experts, a new layout system was developed. This approach allowed the content to be visually consistent but uses unique visual cues for the trainers to orient to which training deck they are using.

A Pass Transadapation

A Pass, a curriculum design and development organization, was in search of a new presentation deck. The final branded approach uses large slices of images to keep the pages active while allowing larger areas for icons and text. This template system is scheduled to be rolled out to all new visual presentations.

ASP Event Presentations

ASP, Advance Sterilization Products, presents internal events for their sales and service teams. New graphics and design approaches are continually created to leveraged their branding and initiatives to help quickly convey the content for multiple presenters.

Mind & Body Complete Presentation

Part of the marketing for the Retreat Leader Academy hosted by Mind & Body Complete included a presentation showcasing what the program provides. A slide show was created, using the branding developed for the printed pieces of the program, to help showcase what students would learn.

CFARE Webinar & Presentation template

CFARE, The Council for Food, Agricultural, & Resource Economics, was in search of a slideshow format that reflected their values and could be reused for multiple presentations. Working with the client a look & feel was created that achieved this, this slideshow style was then applied to the content of an upcoming webinar that the organization was hosting.