Retreat Leader Academy branding

Mind & Body Complete provides a training program to people who want to learn how to host successful retreats. The collateral materials associated with the Retreat Leader Academy (learner workbook, supporting documentation, and promotional materials) was in need of a unified brand look. Working with M&BC a branded layout style was developed for the workbook that was then transferred to all of the supporting materials. Once the initial documents were updated the look and feel was used to update promotional materials that are used in both print and (Keynote) presentations.

Prestige Behavioral Health Patient Handbook

Prestige Behavioral Health offers treatment services to patients in Washington, DC. The organization was in need of a handbook to help patients and their families better understand PBH’s services and what to expect in the treatment process. A two column design with a large gutter was used to break the content up into manageable bites for patients who might have difficulty focusing on long passages of text. Large images were used to help further divide the content and add a dash of color.

Kings and Queens, updated content

Queens and Kings …A Checkers Game was developed by Whirtel Games. After completing development of the game the design for the physical box, rule book, and a quick start guide were created. Leveraging the elements present in the art a dynamic layout was created.

This theme was cascaded into the digital assets created for the Kickstarter launch of the game. To view those assets visit the Digital Campaigns page.

Tektronix Software Summit

In 2016 Tektronix hosted the first Software Summit which was an event that incorporated leaders and developers across all of Fortive, the parent organization. This event introduced to one another the individual leaders and featured speakers. At the same time it was a platform to help familiarize everyone who attended to the Fortive Business System and Lean Design Principles.


To help those in attendance understand and familiarize themselves with the content being presented a booklet was developed for their use during the event.


Pop-up Wedding Invitation

This couple wanted their wedding to be unique and fun all at the same time. The quirky combined with a fair bit of humor led to creative signage and invitations.