As each product line investigated the options available to redesign their oscilloscope assessments needed to be made about how much of the new look and feel they were able take on. These assessments and determinations were greatly aided by the use of concept illustrations of what the product could look like. Shown here are a sample of the illustrations I created for Tektronix starting with the then existing MDO3000 product and evolving it in gradated steps to something that more and more closely resembled the 5 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope .

MSO3000 Series update

Low Range Product Updates

This same process was undertaken for the Tektronix TBS2000B and TBS1000B Oscilloscopes. This particular product is available to consumers at a much lower price point than the MDO3000 Oscilloscope, this meant that their ability to incorporate all of the features and appearance of the new product line were limited. These limitations were factored in when the product illustrations were created so that the business unit could see the options suited to and available to them.