TeakTrak logo

Teak Systems Incorporated provides support to newspaper publishers and independent distributors of newspapers. As part of their services a new mobile application, TeakTrak, was developed and needed a unique logo. The logo requests were that to describe traveling through the mapped delivery routes and a specific color scheme.

Working with the client the “sparrow” logo was created. This design is meant to reflect swiftness and motion though the wings of the design and the creation of a navigation arrow in the overlapping of the wings.

Native Blood Construction

The client, a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, was searching for a logo that represented both his business and his heritage. The final solution incorporated traditional Native American elements as well as the Lumbee Tribe’s tribal seal. Based on the level of detail requested two versions of the logo were provided, a simplified small black and white version as well as a large full color version for use on signage.

ASP internal team and event logos

As ASP (Advanced Sterilization Products) has progressed through it’s rebranding opportunities to use specialized logos at internal events have come available. Working with the communications division several unique logos have been developed for these teams and functions.

Fox & Fallon Podcast
Fox & Fallon, a podcast hosted by NFL sportscasters Tanya Fox and Courtney Fallon, wanted a bold and highly recognizable logo. Working with the hosts a series of concepts reflecting the style of the sport and their personalities were developed. The logos were then fine tuned to present a flat design that was unmistakable, two color versions were delivered for different applications.

The Main Offenders
The Main Offenders are an International Party Band based in Brighton, England; who take pride in delivering top quality live music entertainment. The band was in search of a nautical themed logo to reflect their name which was at one time given to the most wanted pirates/smugglers.

Working with the band a consistent logo suite was developed for different applications.



WIT (Women in Technology)
The WIT group, set up initially to help women at Tektronix to create a community for women while also share ideas for moving their careers forward, has become a leading internal organization.

To see more work done for WIT please go here.



In a company focused on innovation having time for employees to explore and take risks outside of the scope of their daily work with the intention of discovery and no repercussions is very important. ProtoTek, a quarterly event, does just that and their logos had to reflect that discovery process.


Thinking Sideways Podcast
The Thinking Sideways Podcast brought new unsolved mysteries to listeners, on a weekly basis, for five years. The podcast updated it’s logo multiple times during that run.



Tek Home Brewers
It’s beer. It’s chemistry. It’s an engineer’s dream come true.



PodernLove is the evolution of the podcast and community know as Podcasts We Listen To. In 2018 PodernLove planned to host it’s first convention in New Orleans and needed a logo for both the event and all marketing associated with it. Working with the team a design that leveraged both the colors of New Orleans and the piece of equipment that all podcasters use to make their shows.


Environmental Health & Safety
Health and safety in the workplace is extremely important, just as important as making sure that the communications from that group are easily and immediately identifiable. Working with the team this simplified logo was created to be easily applied to all communications sent to the rest of the company.


Holmans Restaurant
Holmans, a local Portland restaurant needed to update their logo. Through discussion it came out that one of the most iconic features of the restaurant was the neon sign. That was then leveraged into a logo that matched the feel of the establishment.

Upper Left Massage
As a fledgling practice the proprietor of Upper Left knew he needed a logo to set him apart. The desire was to be unique and while feeling familiar, to “be Portland” without “being to Portland”.


Mentorship Program
The age demographic at Tektronix was skewed for many years, as the company works to change that and incorporate younger employees the need for a program to help these young professionals reach their potential and goals had to be created from whole cloth.

Working with the Human Resources team I began diving into the simple, and eventually the more complex, parts of their program. In doing so ways to present the information that would be appealing to both audiences, the new and long term employees, began to form and take shape. In the end not only print and web graphics were made but promotional descriptive handouts would be created.

For more work done for this team please go here.